The Arena, Sun Princess

Source: @buskerbrown

Dance, laugh, play, and enjoy "Like Nobody's Watching".


Experience the irresistible charm of Victor, an Argentinean comedian who juggles 5 soccer balls and brings laughter to audiences worldwide. With a whopping 25 international awards and 5 Guinness World Records under his belt, Victor's highly technical talents are nothing short of astounding. But don't be mistaken – he never takes himself too seriously. Prepare to be entertained like never before as Victor invites you to join him in a high-energy show filled with world-class juggling tricks, side-splitting comedy, and an infectious Latin American party atmosphere. Get ready to dance, laugh, and play along with Victor as he takes circus skills, dance moves, and hilarious antics to new heights. This is a show where everyone can have a blast, leaving you thoroughly entertained and begging for more.


The Herald, South Africa